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Paul Ramey appliance repair all brands and models for refrigerators in Atlanta. If your refrigerator doesn't cooling well, it’s leaking or something else is wrong with the unit, just call our toll free number and we will take care of the rest. Our technicians are available 24/7 at our toll free number:


For parts only: 800-370-9281

Please note that all purchased parts are shipped directly to you

We repair all brands such as:

Magic Chef
Montgomery Wards

Kitchen Aid

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Our Service area includes all of Atlanta and the surrounding cities that are listed below:

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Since attempting refrigerator repairs can be dangerous, in many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified professional. And certainly the money you've saved by doing your own repairs will be of little benefit if a careless accident sends you to the emergency room. For this reason, let the professional who is familiar and experienced with technical safety work. Call Paul Ramey appliance repair 24/7 for professional assistance at the toll free number:



Do not
jam the refrigerator against the wall or tight against other appliances or shelves that can restrict the air flow. Air flow is essential to the proper operation and cooling of the condenser motor.
Do not position the refrigerator in a spot where it gets a great deal of sun. The sun's rays add heat, and can bleach the color out of a colorized refrigerator in just a few short years.
Do not place the unit on top of, in back of, or beside a heat source, such as a stove or heating vent. The additional heat can really stress-out the motor. The motor has to work twice as hard trying to keep the inside of the Cooler and Freezer at the proper temperature. The motor overheats from over use, burn out occurs, and you will be stuck with a very expensive, but clumsy looking book case.
Do not place the refrigerator on carpet. Carpeting retains heat and makes the compressor run longer and hotter. The hotter and longer the compressor runs, the more energy it consumes and the greater the wear and the higher the probability of compressor burn out. If your kitchen is carpeted, cut out a piece of vinyl or linoleum flooring the size of the undercarriage and slip it under the refrigerator. The linoleum won't show and the appliance will run much cooler. Be careful not to hit the condenser motor fan blade with the linoleum. The fan blade is very fragile and you could cause a great deal of damage.
Do not use an extension cord. Position your refrigerator/ freezer so that it can be plugged directly into the household current. A cheap, thin, long extension cord can not run sufficient voltage necessary to keep the compressor running. It forces your appliance to run under permanent "brown out" conditions. Voltage starvation is a prime cause of premature compressor burn out. Sometimes, when your power has been knocked out in a bad storm, it is necessary to get power from a neighbor across the street. Usually this is an invitation to disaster. All electricity is not equal. Your well meaning neighbor may save your meat, but ruin your refrigerator in the process. If you do this, use a heavy duty, three prong power cords. It is usually much better to buy or rent a portable generator and have one or two appliances operating directly from the compressor unit.
Do not store the refrigerator in an area where the temperature will drop below 55° F for an extended period of time. Lower temperatures can ruin the sealed system of the unit.
Do not store the refrigerator on its side. This is especially important when you ship the refrigerator from let's say the house to the cottage. The cooling system is designed to be upright. Putting it on its side can destroy the integrity of the unit and you can easily lose the Freon "m and the refrigerator will be worthless.
You must store the refrigerator in a non upright position, or, horror or horrors ship it standing oil its sick; make certain that you do not accidentally lay the appliance on its back, crushing the condenser coils. Even with the refrigerator- freezer oil its side, take special care that there is no pressure oil the coils. Bending or breaking here can easily ruin the appliance.
After a refrigerator / freezer has been laid on its side, make certain that it stands upright for at least an hour before plugging it in and turning it on. This allows the oil to migrate back down to the bottom of the compressor. Not waiting could cause the compressor motor to run hot and burn out.