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Paul Ramey appliance repair all brands and models for gas and electric ovens in Atlanta. If your oven takes too long to cook, doesn't turn on or something else is wrong with the unit, just call our toll free number and we will take care of the rest. Paul Ramey appliance repair technicians are available 24/7 at our toll free number:


For parts only: 800-370-9281

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Since attempting oven repairs can be dangerous, in many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified professional. And certainly the money you've saved by doing your own repairs will be of little benefit if a careless accident sends you to the emergency room. For this reason, let the professional who is familiar and experienced with technical safety work. Call Paul Ramey appliance repair 24/7 for professional assistance at the toll free number:


Oven Thermostat. The primary function of the thermostat is to regulate temperature. Since the units are of fixed wattage connected to a constant voltage supply, temperature regulation is obtained by the action of the thermostat in opening and closing electrical contacts in series with the electrical supply line. The thermostat used on most ranges is of a hydraulic type. It consists of two basic parts: the motive element and the switch. The motive element is the mechanism which expands and contracts with temperature changes and thereby operates the switch mechanism. The switch mechanism in turn controls the temperature by means of snap-acting electrical contacts.
Motive Element. The motive element consists of three parts: a container or bulb, a capillary tube, and an expansible device such as a bellows or diagram. All parts of this motive element are accurately controlled to obtain a temperature range of approximately 150° F. to 550° F.
Switch Mechanism. The switch mechanism consists of a combination of oversized contacts and a heavy-duty snap-action mechanism to contribute further to consistent and reliable operation of the thermostat. It is designed and built to provide the two necessary functions of carrying the current and breaking the arc. The switch mechanism is designed so that the contacts tend to perform a wiping action on closing. This action assures clean contacts for maximum current-carrying capacity without appreciable contact wear.
The Hart thermostat is used for manual preheat. With the selector lever pointer at the center, set the thermostat dial to the desired temperature. Both units will heat the up to temperature quickly, whereupon the pilot light will cut "off." The selector lever may then be turned to the bake position and food placed in the oven. When cooking from a cold start, or using the small thermostat, set the selector lever pointer to bake and turn the thermostat dial to the desired temperature. When the pilot light cuts "off," the up to temperature. This pilot light then cycles on and off as the requires heat, indicating an even baking temperature. To broil, point the selector lever at the right (broil) and turn the temperature dial as far past 550° as it will go.
The Robertshaw is an automatic preheat thermostat. Turn the thermostat knob from Off all the way around to broil, then immediately back to the desired temperature setting. Both units will heat until the oven is up to temperature and the pilot lights cut "off." Then food may be placed in the oven. The bake pilot light then cycles On and Off as the oven requires heat, indicating that an accurate even baking temperature is being maintained. When cooking from a cold oven start or using the small thermostat, set the thermostat dials to the, desired temperature. When the bake pilot light cuts off, the onit is up to temperature. To broil, turn the thermostat knob to broil; leave the door closed.