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We repair all brands and models for microwaves in Atlanta. If your microwave doesn't come on, doesn't heat the food or something else is wrong with the unit, just call our toll free number and we will take care of the rest. Paul Ramey appliance repair is available 24/7 at our toll free number:


For parts only: 800-370-9281

Please note that all purchased parts are shipped directly to you

Since attempting microwave repairs can be dangerous, in many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified professional. And certainly the money you've saved by doing your own repairs will be of little benefit if a careless accident sends you to the emergency room. For this reason, let the professional who is familiar and experienced with technical safety work. Call Paul Ramey appliance repair 24/7 for professional assistance at the toll free number:



COOK WITH A MICROWAVE OVEN WHENEVER POSSIBLE microwave saves money on two fronts.
First, it cooks food up to six times faster than an electric oven—and draws about the electricity.
Second, it helps lower air-conditioning costs by keeping the kitchen cool on hot summer days
For the best results, follow the cooking times in the recipe book that comes with your microwave. The times in most cookbooks and magazines are for an average 600- to 700-watt microwave. To produce the desired result, a compact 400-watt microwave will take more time, and a large 1,000-watt one will take less. Also, the various power-level ratings, such as High or Medium, are not standardized. Even if you have a turntable to rotate food in your microwave, it's a good idea to stir such dishes as stews and vegetables to ensure that all ingredients get fully and evenly heated. Sparks or flashes in a microwave indicate a dish containing metal, which shouldn't be used for microwave cooking. Remove the dish, and transfer the food to a container that's microwave-safe. Avoid using brown paper bags and overcooking popcorn in i a microwave. And keep an eye on dishes with lots of sugar. Alt are common causes of flare-ups. If a fire develops in a microwave, keep the door closed and unplug the unit. Let the fire extinguish itself before opening the door.
What's the best height for a wall-mounted microwave? Position the oven so that it's at the chest level of the shortest person who's going to be using it.
Want to build your microwave into a cabinet or mount it beneath? To make sure it's safe, check the model number with your dealer or the manufacturer. Also ask about a kit for trimming your model's edges (if you build it in) or a bracket for under-cabinet mounting. Be careful not to block any vents.
Microwave: Uses a lot of power (up to 1,000 or more watts) while operating, but overall a very efficient way to cook, using from ii to 50 percent of the energy of conventional ovens. Keeping the inside of the oven clean increases efficiency.